1st trip of the year : Matheran

wasuuuppppp guys,

This is one of my sudden trip , I had absolutely had no plans for 31st night , i wanted to do something different , not like a regular new year party bash. 


I  left for matheran on 31st evening, it was like me taking a chance, because i had not made any prior hotel bookings , and being new year 2018, it could have been impossible for me to get accommodation there .I travelled by local train got there at evening 6 pm, bargained a lot for my stay , finally could fetch one .

I started from Malad (western line) Mumbai ,I had to get to a point on the railway station map called Neral. Word of caution here: Neral is a town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra & comes on the Central Line. It is different from Nerul which is a part of New Bombay and comes on the harbor line. Upon reaching Neral, you have the option of taking the many Maruti Omni Vans lined up to cart tourists to Matheran as cars are not allowed beyond a point on the hill station or you can take the toy train which comes down every two hours.which would take us around 2 hours to reach Matheran.


Time-poor individuals like me 😉 looking to get away from the mad rush of city-life,  is an  Matheran, a hill station which is quite close to both Mumbai and Pune, and is inexpensive as well. Just the start of the year , my budget was low, moreover i dint wanna spend too much on a trip , so this hill station was the best option to me 🙂 

I had finally escaped the mundane into the cradle of nature, amazing cold climate .It was only recently when I went again to Matheran after 20 long years, My Grandparents used to make a point that we all travel together, as soon as i saw the red soil , horses , toy train , i went into flashback, remembering the fun  time with cousins like 20 years ago.

I had done to the beautiful hill station with red sand and hauntingly beautiful walks.

Horse : I visited few points on a horse and some walking down, now i am so looking forward to learn horse riding .

As with most hill stations, sightseeing at Matheran revolves around various Points from where assorted views unfold of mountains, sunset, sunrise and everything in between. The mandatory lake, the Charlotte Lake


Food: I am a very foodie person , love to hogg all the time, i can eat omelette for breakfast almost everyday 😉

 I wanted to have plain, good natured fun; revel in the greenery & peace that the hill station was known to offer minus the frills and fancies that resorts offered while taking you away from the actual beauty of the hill station and while making you believe that you got what you had come there for 

I was totally excited fir the Toy Train Ride, the ticket price was 65rs 


But this time it was “Mountain calling ” I had to go 🙂 🙂 🙂

“peace and a glimpse of the mountain’s soul.”


Ready Reckoner : How to Reach Matheran  like a solo traveller


LOTS OF LOVE , from the heart of a wanderlust , travel safe , enjoy and take care 🙂

Rise & Slay ❤



Heyyyyy wasuppp fam ❤
Today’s blog post is all about boho style. yasss boho girlies are different , travel lovers , full of life ❤ ❤ ❤
BOHO is totally in !  these years and it is also one of the popular fashion trends chased by girls
I am truly a travel bug, my most preferred look while i am travelling abroad is boho look.
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I shop from  aliexpress because the products are very reasonable , no doubt the stuff is amazing , but the drawback is , one has to keep a lot of patience , like i picked this 2 peice floral set for INR 480/- ,  but i received it after almost 25 days . 
I am truly a travel bug, my most preferred look while i am travelling abroad is boho look because its not only chic but comfortable .


This is one of my favourite dress & the picture tooo   , picked this from forever21 
Turquoise backless beach dress look is quite simple , paired with a straw hat and flip-flop. 
location : Pattaya beach Thailand.
BOHO is hot words these years and it is also one of the popular fashion trends chased by girls. Bohemia style mainly focus on some main features, such as Flowers and vines, national totem, tassels, rainbow gradient and the nature elements. It signifies a kind of romantic, exotic and freedom. The thick colours as well as complicated and dedicated designs always bring a strong visual impact and romantic feeling.
There are many kinds of Boho style fashion clothing, such as boho tops, boho short dress, boho maxi dress, cover ups as well as boho wedding dress etc. What have been exposed  in the photos below is the freedom in big nature. And girls in boho style clothing looks more exotic, free and easy.  And that’s i also love this style so much.
Imagine that you are walking on the beach leisurely, with a piece of elegant boho style maxi dress on, the breeze is gently blowing which make the dress floating gracefully.
That’s really such an amazing scene…….. WHOOOO i am a beach baby ❤ 😉
Also if you guys have read my very first blog post at Singapore , Gardens by the bay , that is boho look with long skirt , metal sea blue studded accessories, chunk accessories ❤ with floral tiara ❤


When i am travelling to GOA or any other international foreign trip i have to get into the mood of a typical traveller , that “”feel “” like a wanderer Gypsy soul !!!



If you are a girl who is  in love with bohemian style fashion clothing in your daily life, then, it is also a good idea to proceed with your taste even in your big day. ( LIKE A FAIRY TALE FOR ME ) A piece of elegant boho wedding gown will be such a perfect choice for you, esp for an outdoor wedding, such as garden or lawn wedding. The simple design which is quite close to the natural looking, the sheath or A-line silhouette, with dedicated lace and chiffon spliced and quite draping trains. Compared with a thick ball gown or princess bridal gown, boho wedding dress is much more in a graceful and elegant looking. Just do not forget to match a dedicate boho headpiece or just a simple floral hoop.  This help create the whole bohemian look

Thankyou 😘



Hey guys hello once again …….hope you had an amazing  time during this Christmas 🙂 


I had an amazing long weekend , loads of fun , lots of food , cakes & sweets 🙂 😉 ❤ 

and now back to boring work life 😦


Another year has gone by and the holidays are here again! Christmas is one of my favourite holidays — especially the parties. I love all the festivities that lead up to Christmas, and I spend time coming up with cute Christmas outfit ideas for each event I’ve been invited to. Fashion is an integral part of the holiday season. I love getting into the Christmas spirit, and the way I dress adds to the excitement surrounding Christmas.

I am more into dark colours , but this time i wanted to try something different, that is  why  i opted for nude shade ( it looks more like a peach / blush pink ) loved the combination of pairing nude colour with black lace 


I wanted to put together a guide for ways to dress at different types of events. It can feel uncomfortable to show up overdressed for an event, or worse yet, under dressed, so it’s always good to have a sense of the dress code and how to style yourself. But another big reason I like to come up with cute Christmas outfit ideas in advance is so that I can capture the mood and reflect the occasion, no matter where I’m going.


The outfit I wore this CHRISTMAS is a jumpsuit bought from a boutique at  ( Bandra  link road ) wardrobe would be appropriate for a lot of different occasions, and it’s not limited to only be worn during Christmas time, which makes it a good investment. I’ll probably wear it to my office Christmas party.


I love jumpsuits for christmas because,

a) It’s so cold and they cover you up more than a dress would usually therefore it serves the purpose.

b) The most importantly , jumpsuit or play suits are very  “Comfortable” and “Chic” .

c) Easy to layer any jacket or overcoat .

d) can be paired easily with stilettos, wedges forever21 or boots. hm

Style it in Multiple ways :

  • I Created the first look by layering the play suit with black suede long leather overcoat , whenever i wear the garment i make sure i pair it the boots. though nude is a typical summer pastel colour yet the overcoat helps in creating a winter look

  • secondly i styled it with black skater skirt ( this  is one of my favourite skirt in my closet , i had picked this one for just INR 400/- (street shopping)  , and since its black it goes with almost all the top wear .

  • Its a fact that black footwear goes well with almost all the outfits, my shoes collection consists of 90% black footwear , but this time i paired these nude wedges  ,they are going so well with the outfit. 

I am not really a shoe lover , i cant really walk confidently in heels 😉 😉

I am more comfortable  wearing sneakers & boots all the time 🙂

I am yet to shop my new year outfit,I would be glad if you could share some suggestions and ideas with me , please comment below 🙂

byeeeeeeee 🙂

Cheers & Lots of love Rise & Slay ❤


Hey , this blog post is to tell guys how i style my trench coat.

Winter is here , though blush pink is a pastel summer colour, yet many brands all over the globe have come up with sweat shirts, hoodies, trench coats, etc in (blush pink colour). it’s all over tumbler & pinterest.

I was looking for one since a very long time. finally i could fetch one from link

Its winter season , yet it’s not so cold in Mumbai , that trench could not be a necessity , yet one can slay by wearing it like a dress or layering denim look.

The trench coat. It’s on just about every stylish woman’s must-have list and favorite things to wear. The French have rightly mastered the art of wearing a trench.  Because they wear it when it rains and when it’s not raining, that’s why. A trench coat is très chic in every way and today I’m going to show you why I love trench coats, and how to wear one. . .



The same can be said for more classically tailored styles like the belted trench  classic . These timeless shapes receive seasonal attention from the high street, with many shops offering playful alternatives in a range of fabrics and colours.

There’s no doubt that a trench coat is a staple piece in every fashionista’s wardrobe, but this season there’s a new way to wear it. We had a look at our favourite fashion bloggers who’ve been rocking the trench coat, and the trick is to get it off the shoulders and fastened around the waist. 

Ever wanted to add a special touch to these classic wardrobe staples?

Unfailingly elegant style is hard to come by in today’s vast world of endless options. However, we can experiment with attire .




SNEAKERS :- srstore

trench coat: srstore

jeans: www.zara.com

bodysuit: http://www.forever21.comforever21


  • Wear the trench coat just like a knee length dress & style is with a TED BAKER CAP & ANKLE BOOTS ,And they’re the perfect example of how to maintain that chic and sophisticated look.

  • LAYER a plain black dress with coloured trench coat with stilettos and hat.

  • layer a denim and plain t-shirt with the trench coat along with a beanie

  • pair is with a solid colour skater skirt & high neck top.

  • ANKLE BOOTS: I had picked these boots from link   

  • I Style it with almost all the oufits.

  • I picked this ted baker cap for just INR 100/- from a local shop .i recently got a shoot done, i have pared this cap with alomost all the outfits ;)<325498062_1554070541306657_4785561990028888087_n

  • I picked this ted baker cap for just INR 100/- from a local shop .i recently got a shoot done, i have pared this cap with alomost all the outfits ;)<3

  • I was searching on few online websites, but it was a little expensive.


Thankyou 🙂

have a great day ahead:)

Rise & Slay;) ❤

OCCASIONAL BLACK :- leather on leather

wassuup guys !!!

 I know you all are already in a FESTIVE MOOD.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s hard not thinking about what sort of festive looks to wear, especially when there are so many things to choose from. This total black outfit is perfect for Christmas here in the MUMBAI  because it gives off a subtle glamour that is ideal for any holiday party.

And off course black is my all time favourite colour 🙂


The key to pulling off an all black outfit like this for these sorts of occasions is mixing and matching materials to add dimension rather than being minimal and flat. Leather pants are always my go to for adding a bit of edge to any look, but for a holiday party I can .

RED BOMMER JACKET : I picked this one from SR store for just rs 799/-
Style tip : unzip your jacket or shirt from top to create an OFF- SHOULDER LOOK .


It’s subtly is what makes it so alluring and I especially love that the details are still visible  Plus, the loose fit of the torn effect denim jacket  ( I WEAR THIS DENIM JACKET ALMOST EVERYDAY) 🙂 😉 enhances the overall elegance of this look.

The black leather boots from H&M , with silver studs on it has enhanced the look even more !!!

I got am amazing deal on the leather pants, H&M was running flat 70 % off on leather apparels, (Rs 750/-) 😉


To finalise this holiday outfit, it never hurts to accessorise with a bag , I choose NO JEWELLERY LOOK  just to keep it simple , The size is just right for any Christmas or New Years party, as it’s able to hold all of my essentials, plus it compliments the entire ensemble just right to get further inspiration for these sort of special occasions, I’ve been looking at the upcoming collections of ( HM India ) and there is everything from colourful prints to denim basics. With so much variety, it’s hard to not find exactly what I’m looking for, which is great. A wider selection is better than a limited one!

I loved the wooden background , everything looked so vintage


These pictures are shot on my Iphone 7, it was fun capturing all this ,was  and i have realised i am bad at posing 😉 ;).


Leather pants : hm

boots: hm

denim jacket :forever21

bralet :zara

boomer jacket : srstore

Thanks a ton guys for taking a little time to read this , stay tuned 🙂 for my post on my fashion styling and travel stories .



Garden by the bay – Singapore

Hey guys, as you all know i love travelling, Singapore was always on my bucket list, out of the little savings that i do , i make sure i keep some to visit a new destination. 

GARDEN BY THE BAY:  This is the day 1 in Singapore , I landed at around 10 in the morning , my hotel was just an hour away from the airport, so reached the hotel around 11.10 , quickly i received a call from the reception , asking to be ready , as the pick up was at 12.30.

Garden's by the bay --Singapore

well i always plan and pack my travel bag, therefore i knew what look i would be creating on day 1,  i had watched a lot of travel vlogs about Singapore to gain some idea about the place and people out there, still faced some hustle bustle 😉


I took my own sweet time to dress up , reached the lobby , like 5 mins late , and got to know the my transport had already left the hotel 😦   oooppppss these Singaporean so so freaking punctual , they dont spare you even for 2 mins. if you want to explore the places properly, you make sure are are on time. so sadly i had to spend on my own for a cab to Garden by the bay.

BOHO CHIC LOOK :  I am totally crazy about styling my self, i would never spend on an international trip if my travel bag is not packed properly , so guys , I am totally in love with the bohomein look , i love boho accessories and garments, i truly feel like a GYPSY SOUL 🙂


I picked this skirt from a local shop in malad for just rs 500rs , i was longing to wear a slit skirt , therefore i made slit at home and asked my tailor to give a good finishing in order to create the boho look  , gladiators were purchased online, (koovs) , top from (H & M) and the accessories from Bandra hill road (this is one of my favourite street shopping place in Mumbai )

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